Okanse Lake

I wanted to send you this note regarding our recent trip to Okanse Lake. Except for the last night being hit by the tornado, this 7 day fishing trip produced the best fishing that I have experienced in more than 10 years coming to Canada. We got several Northern over 40 inches, two over 45 and the one that I got was 48 inches. The walleye fishing was the best of any of the lakes that we have fished and we averaged nearly 40 fish per day per boat both walleye and northern pike every one of the 7 fishing days. I hope you are successful getting quick repairs done to the cabin since it was in beautiful condition when we arrived, one of the best that we have seen among any Outfitters. Good luck and we will likely see you again next year. Sincerely, Jake, Mooresville, NC

Okanse Lake *Not available for 2019

This lake is located just a few miles southwest of our main outpost operation on Birch Lake. This is another beautiful fish-filled lake that is noted for its easy walleye and northern fishing. We have built a brand new cabin and it will be ready to go in the spring of 2006. We share this lake with another outfitter who has a cabin on the west shore. With almost 3,000 acres of water, there’s lots of fishing area on this great fishing lake.

2017 Fishing Rates
Party of 4-5 $1425 ea. U.S.
Party of 6 or more $1325 ea. U.S.