Sesikinaga Lake

Our crew of six had a great week fishing in Sessi Lake this year. Probably the best year in almost 20 years we have been enjoying your service and your great fishing destinations. How's this for a dream trip - the first fish Dick caught was a 29" (little over 9 lbs.) walleye! Dick lead the way with two 29", one 28" and several in the upper 20" range. But everyone caught so many fish over 20" for the week, incredible. And sometimes the action was so hot - you did not need to re-bait, just get the line back in the water. Every person, every night, had the big grins of satisfied fishers on their face. The facilities there are great, nice large cabin with wrap around deck. Boats, motors, all great. Pilots and planes that get us there fast and back safe. And I know I have told you this before, but your team is like friends of the family to us - we are so comfortable from when we walk in the door at your outpost to when we leave to cross the border back to the US. We all look forward to next year. See you then, and enjoy the moment. Jim, Rochester, MN