• Hi Mitzi and Vic, We had a great trip to Moberly Lake. We caught a 25 an 27 inch walleye and a 44 inch Northern. Here are a few pictures. Let me know if you don't get the pictures. Thanks, Doug
  • Mitzi, 24 hours after our retun to Iowa I have to say that a dream has been realized. We took thre generations to Granite and to the man everyone was thrilled. Of course Dad who is 81 caught a 28 inch walleye so he couldn't be happier. We are working on a schedule for next year and can't express our gratitude for your great service. thanks again Al
    Al, Iowa
  • Vic, Chris, Mitzi, and everyone else, Quick note to thank you for another splendid fishing trip. You do things right.We made it back to Madison in one piece feeling good about the whole experience. And no you don't need live bait to catch a slew of Walleyes---you need a stiff breeze, barbless hooks, and a feathery touch. Keep your line in the water and feet dry and will should pan out.
  • Had one of the best times up there ever! You run a good show…God Bless,

    Rudy, Gillingham, WI
  • As always we had a great time! Thanks again for a great trip and look forward to seeing you in January in Kansas City…..

    Bill, St. Joe, MO
  • Here are some pictures of the biggest fish we caught! Can’t wait to get back to Tessup Lake again next year…

    Bob & Ellen, Roberts WI
  • As always, the accommodations were great! This trip as far as quality and quantity of fish caught was the best of any trip that we have taken! Also, lots of great scenery…

    Dale Oakland, ILL
  • Over the last few years I have taken several trips to your outpost cabins and each one gets better and better! The accommodations are excellent, the staff could not be more friendly or helpful and the memories keep building. I tell everyone I know this is something you HAVE to experience for yourself!.........

    Ryan Bloomington, MN
  • The flight was like clockwork, the food and cabin was just great, and the fishing was good all over the lake. I have had many good times in Canada but this was my most enjoyable watching and teaching my grandson to fish!

    Carl, now 80 yrs old, Hillsdale, ILL
  • Our crew had great week fishing, probably the best year in almost 20 years we have been enjoying your service and your great fishing destinations. Everyone caught so many fish and sometimes the action was so hot you did not need to re-bait, just get the line back in the water! The facilities are great. Boats, motors, all were great. Pilots and planes that get us there fast and back safe. Your team is like friends of the family to us; we are so comfortable from when we walk in the door at your outpost to when we leave to cross the border back to the U.S………

    Jim, Rochester, MN